About Us

PCF Souvenirs was founded in 1981 as a Publisher and Distributor of high-quality postcards and quickly expanded with customer satisfaction across Canada and into the USA, starting with New York, Florida and California. Over the years, we have added twenty new categories of high quality souvenirs and annually expanded our product selection, bringing the latest in product design and innovation to the market.

Today, PCF is the largest Souvenir Company in North America, the only souvenir provider operating in both Canada and the USA. This makes PCF the Souvenir Company of choice for North America-wide retailers, as well as the favorite for national and local retailers in both Canada and the USA. High quality, fast-turning items, along with Customer satisfaction, are what bring our customers back again and again!

With three distribution centres across North America, PCF is well equipped to service all markets in North America:

  1. Waverley, Nova Scotia
  2. Markham, Ontario
  3. Orlando, Florida

Canadian Head Office Canadian Head Office

U.S. Head Office U.S. Head Office

Our product selection spans 20 Souvenir Product Categories totaling more than 15,000 items to choose from. As well, we offer a large line of Imprintable Products with Name Drops of your choice.

If you don’t find what you were looking for on our website, PCF is an ideal source for Custom Production! Our internal team of designers can create a variety of unique, classic and trending designs. We are in the forefront of the designs offered in the souvenir industry. Together, we can help you create custom designs to fit your needs and target markets!

Our Markham and Orlando offices both have in-house production facilities, allowing for some high quality product options for smaller markets and quick turn-around (only a few weeks).

PCF Souvenirs sells its products to a broad range of customers covering many different channels, from specialty souvenir shops to mass merchants, drug store chains, airport retailers, and major attractions. Among our most successful customers are Walmart, the Empire State Building, the Alamo, the Statue of Liberty and the CN Tower, to name just a few.

PCF is a licensee of the Walt Disney Company, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Don’t Mess with Texas, and more.

We realize that time is money and that’s why we don’t waste it. Our regular Pick & Ship orders have a turnaround 24-48 hours to ship.

Do sign in and browse our website. We’d love to do business with you! If you need help, feel free to contact us. PCF – The World of Souvenirs in One Place!